If you’re looking for industrial, office, retail or mixed-use property, West Des Moines has just what you’re looking for. With 11.8 million total square-feet of office space and 8.2 million total square-feet of retail space, and plenty of available acres to build on, the opportunities are endless.


The West Des Moines market is a perfect fit for any prospect, large or small. There is a diversity of office amenities and styles. With low vacancy rates and a central location in the Des Moines Metro, the state, and the country, West Des Moines is the perfect market location.

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  • Wide range of spaces by size
  • Diversity of office amenities & styles
  • Perfect market location in the Des Moines Metro


West Des Moines’ sales tax generation is remarkable. In Fiscal Year 2017, West Des Moines had $1.76 billion of taxable sales, making it the fourth highest amount of taxable sales of Iowa’s most populated cities. West Des Moines also has an impressive ‘pull factor,’ which measures purchasing power against other cities. In most retail and dining categories, the pull factor is greater than one, which means West Des Moines attracted more non-resident shoppers than residents who used their purchasing power in other cities.

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Along with plentiful office and retail space, West Des Moines is home to nearly 6,000 acres ready for development. Most of the sites available are readily connectable to infrastructure. In order to accomplish efficient connection of infrastructure for development projects, the City of West Des Moines utilizes tax increment financing.