Connected to everything.

Placement at the intersection of interstates I-80 and I-35 positions West Des Moines as the natural hub for any business eyeing easy access to the rest of the country. Live and work without the bustle of the city while being only minutes from everything it has to offer.

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Reasons to choose
West Des Moines.

Limitless opportunity to grow your career.

From Fortune 100 companies and high-tech startups to some of the world’s top insurance, information technology, hospitality, and manufacturing companies, West Des Moines offers something for everyone.

Dream homes around every corner.

Boasting some of the most competitive home prices in the country, West Des Moines offers a lower cost of living without skimping on the lifestyle you want.

Big-city lifestyle without the attitude.

From locally-owned shops and restaurants in a historic neighborhood to global luxury brands and fine dining, West Des Moines has it all.

Midwestern values.

Whether it’s a citywide community service organization or a neighborhood book club, the citizens of West Des Moines make getting involved, plugging in, and giving back a way of life.


West Des Moines offers a one-of-a-kind environment for success.

Boasting competitive incentives, high-tech infrastructure, and access to a steady stream of educated workforce, West Des Moines is the perfect place to launch or grow your business. From scrappy startups to multinational corporations, there’s a place for your business here.

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