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From tech jobs to a career in the healthcare industry, the West Des Moines job market continues to grow. Explore what makes this the perfect community to start or grow your career.

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Why move or grow your business
in West Des Moines?

With its diversity in businesses, business districts, and competitive incentives, West Des Moines is the perfect place for your company’s next opportunity. From corporate headquarters and data centers to sole-proprietor operations, West Des Moines has just what you’re looking for.

Modern, competitive infrastructure.

Situated at the intersection of busy interstate highways, I-35 and I-80, West Des Moines offers easy access to the Midwest and the rest of the nation. As a hub for the insurance, financial services, information technology, and logistics industries; the infrastructure, utilities, and services businesses need to operate are ready. West Des Moines is also committed to enhancing the city’s connectivity through easy access to the best broadband internet access available. Transit, shipping, and travel by air and rail can also be easily accessed with Des Moines International Airport, Union Pacific Railroad, and Iowa Interstate Railroad providing easy access to national and international markets.

Competitive local and state incentives.

West Des Moines is focused on growth. Both local and state tax incentives offer businesses a competitive advantage in an increasingly interconnected business environment. Tax structure incentives include:

  • 50% deductibility of federal taxes from Iowa corporate income
  • Single-factor, non-unitary tax based only on the percentage of total sales income within the state
  • Reduced income tax with the High Quality Jobs Program

Space to grow.

With nearly 12 million square feet of office space and 8.2 million square feet of retail space, West Des Moines offers industrial, office, retail, and mixed-use property to meet any need. Finding a space with the style, amenities, and easy access to the Greater Des Moines metro area could not be easier. If starting from the ground up is more your speed, there are 600 acres of available land ready for development with easy access to infrastructure and amenities. West Des Moines offers retailers an impressive mix of local purchasing power and pull factor with its concentration diverse retail options.

We can keep you going.

Local utilities like gas, electric, water, and sewer offer competitive rates to keep operating costs down while local telecom and internet service providers provide reliable, high-speed access to keep your business running and connected no matter what.

For over 15 years, MidAmerican Energy has been working toward a bold vision to provide 100% renewable energy for its customers. At the end of 2016, nearly half of all generation capacity came from wind with only 31% coming from coal.

Join a community of
innovators, makers, and doers.

Boasting higher-than-average incomes, low cost of living, growing population, easy access to retail, dining, and lifestyle amenities, West Des Moines offers the perfect place for anyone to build a life.

Key Industries

Financial Services
and Insurance
Healthcare and
Life Sciences
and Logistics
Retail and

Financial Services and Insurance

West Des Moines is home to some of the largest, most prestigious finance and insurance companies. Within Polk and Dallas counties there are approximately 48,000 persons employed in the industry across over 1,400 businesses. As an insurance industry hub, West Des Moines consistently attracts a strong, educated workforce with strong support and infrastructure from local educational institutions for future growth.

  • Existing workforce
  • Office space
  • Easy transit access
  • Modern, competitive infrastructure




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Information Technology

Including telecommunications, data hosting services, and computer systems design, West Des Moines’ information technology services sector offers unmatched opportunities for growth and expansion. West Des Moines’ proximity to local educational institutions allows for the development of unique partnerships to cultivate a pipeline of highly capable, educated talent.

  • Skilled talent
  • Iowa Highway 5 Corridor
  • Local educational institutions
  • Grand technology gateway
  • Growing population
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Healthcare and Life Sciences

The healthcare and biosciences industries have seen impressive growth locally and nationally over the past 10 years. For healthcare in particular, West Des Moines is a major player in the state as the industry continues to grow. With its proximity to research institutions, a skilled workforce, and growing, educated population, West Des Moines makes for an ideal expansion within these industries.

  • Modern, competitive infrastructure
  • Iowa Highway 5 Corridor
  • Growing population
  • Concentration of healthcare and life sciences facilities
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Manufacturing and Logistics

Situated at the corridor of two interstate highways, I-35 and I-80, West Des Moines delivers a competitive transportation network for manufacturing and logistics. Companies in this industry enjoy zero property tax on machinery and equipment and a single-factor corporate income tax; meaning companies are only taxed on in-state sales.

  • Competitive local and state tax incentives
  • Easy transit access
  • Modern, competitive infrastructure
  • Strategic location
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Retail and Hospitality

As a premier shopping destination in the region with over 250 bars and restaurants, numerous hotels, and easy access to important interstate highways, West Des Moines offers unmatched opportunities for businesses operating in the retail and hospitality sector. Modern infrastructure and attractive retail developments attract continued growth with endless possibility.

  • Growing population
  • Modern, competitive infrastructure
  • Easy transit access
  • Regional hub
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