The Concord at Marketplace: Affordable Senior Housing on the Horizon

A Transformative Project

The Concord at Marketplace is nearing completion, bringing a transformative vision of affordable senior housing to life in the Village of Ponderosa. This $35 million project includes 156 affordable senior apartments across three new buildings. It represents a significant step forward in providing accessible housing for seniors, ensuring they have a comfortable and secure place to call home.

Collaboration and Financing

The success of The Concord at Marketplace is a result of a collaborative effort between Community and Economic Development staff and the developer. This partnership highlights the power of collective action in delivering much-needed affordable housing.

Benefits for Seniors

The Concord at Marketplace goes beyond simply providing housing; it offers seniors a sanctuary where they can age gracefully and securely. Affordability is a central focus, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder access to quality housing. The apartments are located within a vibrant community, providing residents with access to essential amenities and services.

The Final Stretch

With completion anticipated for spring 2025, the project is rounding the bend toward its final stretch. The new development is eagerly anticipated and is expected to become a valued part of the community, enhancing the lives of its residents and offering them a high quality of life.

A Testament to Community Commitment

The Concord at Marketplace exemplifies what can be achieved through shared vision and dedication. As we look forward to the completion of this project, let us reaffirm our commitment to creating inclusive and accessible housing for all, ensuring that every individual, regardless of age, can live with dignity and security.