The Athene Pedestrian Bridge

In the heart of West Des Moines, progress is unfolding with the construction of the highly anticipated Athene Pedestrian Bridge. As of December 2023, the project is well underway, showcasing significant advancements before winter’s icy grip took hold. This vital infrastructure initiative is set to link the beloved Raccoon River Park to Walnut Woods State Park on the south side of the river, creating an exciting pathway for the community to explore. The bridge is expected to be completed by late 2024, marking a remarkable achievement for the city.

As the Athene Pedestrian Bridge nears completion, West Des Moines residents can anticipate a new era of connectivity and outdoor exploration. Whether it’s a leisurely stroll, a family bike ride, or a nature-inspired adventure, this bridge will serve as a vital link, bringing people closer to the beauty that both Raccoon River Park and Walnut Woods State Park have to offer. Let’s celebrate the progress made so far and look forward to the exciting possibilities that the completion of the Athene Pedestrian Bridge will bring to our vibrant community.