The 2023 Site Selectors Guild Fall Forum

Our Economic Development staff had the incredible opportunity to attend the prestigious 2023 Site Selectors Guild Fall Forum in the vibrant city of New Orleans. We were thrilled and honored to be accepted as part of this event, which brought together industry experts, site selectors, and economic development professionals from around the world. The forum provided us with a platform to engage in meaningful conversations, gain valuable insights, and forge lasting connections.

Building Connections

Throughout the forum, we had the privilege of engaging in conversations with site selectors who shared their success stories and experiences. The one-on-one table talks provided us with a unique opportunity to discuss specific challenges and opportunities in our region, fostering a deeper understanding of the economic development landscape.

Breakout Discussions

The breakout discussions we attended were both informative and thought-provoking. One of the key topics explored was how to stand out with RFI (Request for Information) responses. We learned about best practices, innovative strategies, and effective ways to showcase our region’s strengths and advantages. Additionally, we delved into the future of AI in the site selection process, exploring how emerging technologies can enhance decision-making and streamline the evaluation process. Mega project case studies further enriched our knowledge, offering valuable insights into successful economic development initiatives from around the world.

Expressing Gratitude

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Site Selectors Guild for organizing this exceptional event. The Fall Forum provided us with a platform to connect with industry leaders, share ideas, and gain valuable knowledge. The opportunity to learn from experts in the field has undoubtedly equipped us with the tools and inspiration to drive economic growth and development in our region.

As we return to our work in West Des Moines, Iowa, we are more motivated than ever to apply what we have learned and continue our efforts to promote economic growth, attract investment, and create opportunities for our community.